Heating And Cooling Service

Mustang, OK

Do you feel like identifying with your ancestors? Imagine this, then. It is 1782—and yes, that is definitely the correct point in history (always strive for historically-accurate daydreams, kids). Let's stick with that. You are crossing a barren, tumbled-filled plain in the middle of nowhere. One day, this land will be Mustang, OK. Right now, though, it is nothing. It is hot, and the horses look like they are about to keel over. What wouldn't you do for a big slab of ice right about now? Just about anything, right?

Unfortunately, your ancestors could not do much to fix their problem other than wet a cloth and drape it over their faces, or maybe locate the nearest swimming hole. Here in modern times, you can do a lot whole lot better.

Give yourself a treat, pick up the phone, and give us a call. Here at New Standard Heating and Cooling, our heating a cooling service will work hard to make your modern day dreams come true. Air conditioner installation is practically a snap of your fingers away when you work with us. Once we figure out exactly what you need we can be out and on your property in no time at all.

If it is winter, and you are having trouble remembering that you are in a house and not camping out in the middle of a snow-covered prairie, we can help you out. Get in contact with us and we will set you up with a heating contractor service. Before you know it, you will be streaming a video of a Yule Log on the internet, shutting your eyes, and imaging that you have a crackling fire smack dab in the middle of your living room.

With New Standard Heating and Air, we have all the bases covered. Whether you need our air to be hot or cold, or you just need an already-installed unit repaired, we can help you.