Central AC And Air Duct Service

Piedmont, OK

So you came into work this morning in Piedmont and the air conditioning will not turn on? It is the middle of summer and you can already feel the temperature in the office rising. Pretty soon, your employees will start arriving and you cannot afford to have a whole heat-based rebellion on your hands, so what are you going to do?

You should call us. Here at New Standard Heating and Air, we do not only specialize in Air Conditioner installation. We also deal with affordable air conditioning repair and we also handle central AC and air duct service.

When we arrive, we will be able to handle just about anything your system throws at us. If it turns out your system is being clogged by a bundle of dust bunnies that have formed into one massive dust jackrabbit and are roaming free in your air vents, preventing fresh air from getting through, we can take care of that. Mostly we would just treat it like it is your average dust blockage, so it is no big deal.

Once we have installed your central air conditioning unit and air ducts, we will be happy to come back and service it whenever you deem necessary. We will figure out what is going wrong with your system and solve the issue in no time if you so desire.

By signing on with us, you are receiving top-notch air conditioning repair service. Every time you give us a call, we will show up ready to work, be professional, smile, be friendly, and work efficiently so you can get to your day to day schedule as quickly as possible.

So if you have a boring problem like some dust clogging a filter, or the problem is more evolved and a raccoon has somehow gotten into air ducts, we will be able to help you solve the problem and get back to what you prefer to be doing.