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Information: Here in Yukon, OK, you do not want to experience a summer without some sort of air conditioning unit. While the others seasons can pleasant (except winter) summer in particular can be bad. Oklahoma is the kind of state that when we reach our peak temperatures, being able to crack an egg on the sidewalk and watching it fry would not be a surprising turn of events.

Some days, the heat can just get to you. If you are anything like us, you can only go a week or so of lying in bed in a puddle of your own sweat before you need to finally do something about the crazy weather outside.

Before you know it, the idea of air conditioner installation is going to be sounding pretty good. When that time finally comes, you should give us a call. Here at New Standard Heating and Air we strive to find you exactly what you need to get your home under control. Let one of HVAC contractor team members come by your home and get you situated.

We do not only deal with private residences, though. No, we can also handle commercial jobs. If you are finding that your employees at the office are complaining an awful lot about how hot it has been lately, why don't you give them a treat by installing a brand new air conditioning system? Our central AC and air duct service is exactly what you need.

Maybe you already have an air conditioning system installed, but for some reason it only seems to be spewing out hot air. It is already almost ninety degrees outside, so you need to get it situated, quick. We can help you with that. Not only do we install air conditioning systems, but we also repair them. When you require help from our affordable air conditioning repair team, we will get out to you as quick and possible and fix whatever our problem is in as quick and efficient manner.

We do not only deal with cold air. In the dead of winter, when the snow is falling heavy sheets and you do not have a fireplace, you are probably sitting next to the window, staring at the snow and wishing your teeth would stop chattering. We can help you out. By calling us, you are ensuring you will get a brand new, state-of-the-art heating system that will keep and your family or colleagues form freezing your toes off as the snow piles up outside.

With everything from heating and cooling unit installation and repair to commercial refrigeration services, we are ready to take on your AC needs. Learn More

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